Favorite Training/Nutrition Websites

Here are all the websites a visit on a regular basis (in no particular order) pertaining to training and/or nutrition specifically.

Keep checking back, as I’m building up my link list again and will be adding more links regularly. :D

Lean Gains – Martin Berkan’s blog dedicated to Intermittent Fasting

Wild Gorilla Man – Basically a blog dedicated to hot Crossfit chicks. Can’t go wrong there. (no homo)

Renegade Strength and Conditioning¬† - Jason Ferruggia’s website. Lots of good info here.

Chaos and Pain - Jamie Lewis is a BAMF. As a head’s up, he’s also very crude and offensive, so if you can’t handle it, don’t click the link.¬† WARNING: NSFW.

Niel. K. Patel  - Very helpful, and he has a lot of good training/nutrition articles.

Stumptuous – Krista is completely fucking awesome. Great site for women looking to get stronger and eat properly.

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