For those who have asked and are interested, I do offer personal training services at affordable price ranges, bonus points if you live in Canada as you would be able to contact me via text any time which makes unlimited contact that much easier. :)

I’m very dedicated to helping people reach their goals, and will always deliver completely personalized and non-cookie-cutter plans designed especially for you and your goals. Not sure if we’re comptible together? Feel free to contact me any time and we’ll have a chat about your goals and see what we can work out!

For service types, pricing, and/or consulting, please contact me at this address:



    • Who cares if she is a PICP or a CPT or a CSCS !! Just look at her! She’s jacked and she is lifting more weight than most guys out there. I have seen plenty of trainers with a bunch of abbreviations after their names with big bellys and no muscle. I would come here for advice before going to those losers. Life experience is what she has and it shows!

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