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46 thoughts on “CONTACT ME HERE

  1. Hey I love your recipes! I’m about to make the strawberry vanilla cake. Do you know how many cups 50 grams of strawberries translates to?

    Also, congrats on your competition! You looked great.


  2. i was impressed at ur fotos and sucess on i bodybuild myself in louisiana. theres no female bodybuilders in my city at all. its a rarity. I respect any woman who does it. well anyways i want to talk more. hit me up on my email.

  3. Hey there. I found your blog here after seeing you featured last week on You motivated me so much now I’m seriously into working out. Only problem is finding the correct gym, the correct training routines, and finding the time and diet!

    Like you, I’ll be starting off as a skinny person lifting weights. How’d you start off? Any specific routines? I think I’ll be starting with Starting Strength :)

  4. Omg i love your page it is so cute… i stalked you from j/k not really stalking just truly interested! You are already doing amazing and I know you will continue on! Keep up the hard work your dedication is already showing through :)

  5. hey Christine, Really enjoy reading bout ur workouts and OMG the food that u put up looks soo good. dun stop what ur doing ur a awesome motivation and role model heh

      • Awesome, where do you work out of? I used to be at Scarborough Goodlife before I realized they were never going to get Olympic plates – now I have two memberships:
        – one at the Adelaide Club
        – one at the U of T Athletic center

        The U of T has decent Olympic weightlifting equipment for something that charges a standard rate. The Adelaide Club allows me to video tape – something U of T refuses to allow me to do.

  6. Hi Christine,

    I have been to so many websites and links in the last few days, that I have no idea anymore which site led me to yours, but let me just say, I’m blown away. By your no BS, in-your-face style, yes, but mostly because you, and NIA (found from you!) are the only women I’ve encountered (other than the ones I see at Olympic events!) that promote lifting heavy (like real HEAVY), and look great for it.

    I’m in reasonably good shape, love a good steak and healthy food, but love cookies too…I’m tired of struggling. I want to learn how to lift heavy without killing myself or cracking a vertebrae my first day in the gym.

    I honestly am terrified of doing a squat with some weight on it. I’m not a complete novice, I’m aware of proper form, the dangers of training without eating enough etc (much of it from training and books, but much more of it by making those mistakes!). But squats with some 10-15 dumbells and overhead presses are easier and less scary. Well I’m tired of being scared…of weights, and of food.

    I just haven’t had the chance to read everything you’ve written yet, so forgive me if you’ve covered this somewhere, but PLEASE…Can you tell a girl where to begin? I’m talking from baby steps, day one. I can’t do a pullup (I try). I can do 15 pushups…one set anyways. Dwindles from there.

    I don’t care if you tell me READ THIS, and give me 10 titles, or lead me to more websites…or to some of your own posts. But help me make my path less dense. I’m dangerously close to information overload with no real focus on what I want which is what I’ve stated above: Where do I find the info I need to help me on day 1 and progress from there?

    THANK YOU! For being here, and for opening my eyes.

  7. I really like your blog. I can relate to a lot of your experiences and thoughts and it’s nice that you take the time to write them down for others to read publicly. It helps me gain a better understanding of how I’m feeling and be a stronger person. Thanks!

  8. hey chrsitine, iv’e been following your blog for the past month or so. i find you incredibly intriguing and now a password for your last post? hope all is well with you and your surroundings. can you please forward the password so i can read your post.
    thanks in advance,

  9. Hi ya,
    found you through bodyspace. Kangaroomatt, (SSSHH dont tell anyone) your blog is great and i enjoy reading your posts. dont stop!


  10. Hi Christine,

    I LOVE reading your blog!!! My question…How do I go back and read some of your old blogs?”

    I really liked your posts about the cardio machines and the fitness industry…Do you have a blog index?

    Keep up the good work. Just so you know I finally stopped doing cardio about 1 year ago and WOW my body looks better! I was addicted….I would do 1 hour everyday on the stepmill…..I did this for over 10 years (Omigod what a waste of time!) I thought that was the way to get a body like I saw on “Oxygen” magazine…..Nope lifting weights has been my answer!

    Thanks, Michelle

  11. Awesome blog and lifting action over here, just what I need to see before my box squat session. Now let’s go lift some heavy shit! :D

    Keep it strong,


  12. You’re awesome… great blog.. bad ass videos.. and the the random comment pics are funny as hell… keep it going.. i’m hooked.

  13. Play the video LOUD :

    There’s only this moment and the next moment.

    Every one of those moments is a test that you get to take ONE time and ONLY one time.

  14. Good Article ‘Baby Got Back’
    Back in High School I had a hot girl friend w/ no ass. Bought her a squat rack and sled for her birthday. after about 18 months of primarily squats, deads, sled work, and hill sprints I had created a near perfect ass for her(and myself).

  15. I have to tell you that I made the cauliflower pizza crust last night, and it was amazing. My wife couldn’t believe that it was made with cauliflower. Mad props to you for that recipe . Gonna make breadsticks tonight! Thanks again and I will be hitting your recipe page some more. Keep it up.

  16. Okay…I love your blog. So real. You have talked about so many things I have been struggling with…mainly the extreme mood swings/self loathing that has come along with being a competitor. And I thought my self-hate was bad before I started competing…whew! It’s been a real roller coaster.

    Which is why when I stumbled on to this…I was like “Hallelujah!” there is someone out there who gets it. I just want to be normal again…have fun…eat…cook…and love it, while being a normal “lean” and athletic.

    Thank you…thank you…thank you.

  17. I notice that figure competitors seem to use high reps with lighter weights, whereas you are doing powerlifting. Can I get a nice figure while doing powerlifting, or do I have to choose one way or the other? I noticed after looking at the westside program that there are speed days and max effort days, is that condusive to your figure training? I’ve been doing madcow for about two months. I notice a tremendous difference in how much I can lift, but haven’t noticed much change in my physique.
    Love your blog!

  18. Im not sure how I got here. I think it may have been from Martin’s blog somehow. Anyway, your absolutely unique and very inspirational Christine. I shall be popping over regularly :)

  19. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Its wonderful to see a powerful awesome woman doing what she loves. I frequently talk with teens about finding their voice and standing strong, you embody that. Bravo!

  20. Hi,

    I can’t seem to find your email and have a quick question about your blog. Could you email me?


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