This I Know For Sure…

I don’t know who you are, but I know that you struggle.

I know there is pain behind your eyes that won’t seem to ease. I know there are times you feel completely inadequate, and like nothing you do seems to matter. I know that when you think in the grand scheme of things, sometimes everything feels completely pointless. One step forward in your life is another step closer to the grave. Every breath you take is getting closer to your last. Every second you live is just biding time.

But you have a heart. That beats continually, and has been beating for years. You have an amazing body, regardless of the shape or size. There are people who love you, even though you may not know or see it. There are those who would take a bullet for you, and those who are just wishing they could see you smile.

Your laugh lights up another person’s world.

If you could take one moment to stop and look around you, and take everything in, you would be amazed. There is so much to love, and so much to wonder about. There is so much to look forward to.

The great mystery of life is what time is your time to go. You never can tell. There is no forewarning, and no indication. It could be today, tomorrow, an hour from now. And every minute you waste on feeling hopeless is a minute that you can never get back.

You deserve to know how amazing you are. You owe it to your body and your mind to stay healthy, and appreciate what you’ve been given. You may be one person in a sea of others, but you are remarkable in your own way. I don’t have to know you to know you deserve a chance at a good life. That you deserve happiness.

You and I have more in common than you would think. You and the rest of the world have more in common than you think. We all have struggles. Some struggles greater than others, but we all suffer in different ways. We all have our ups and downs. We have all cried ourselves to sleep at night. We have all looked in the mirror and seen something that we didn’t want to see. We have all had our hearts broken. We have all been beat down, degraded, insulted, and walked upon.

And each and every one of us deserves a shot at happiness. Your life is worth more than you make it out to be. The life you live now is the only one you’ve got, so remember every day how great it is to be you. To have a roof over your head, a place to sleep, food to eat, and time that can and should be spent doing what you love. Never underestimate your potential, because you never know its extent until you test your boundaries. You have it in you to hang on, and to keep fighting for the life that you have.  Above all, please never give up hope.

I don’t know who you are, but I know that you are beautiful.