Who, What, and Why?

Oh hai. I'm Christine.

Oh hai. I'm Christine, your author, aka, Cookie Monster.

So, amidst all the millions of other random websites, you happened to stumble across my blog. Awesome. I’ll take this moment to introduce myself.

I am generally a very nice person when you meet me, and have absolutely no issues with meeting and striking up conversation with new people. I can come across as a bitch sometimes, but it happens to the best of us.

I do not claim to know everything, and I do not claim to be superior to people. I might make a joke about someone random that I don’t know, but I’m not necessarily judging them. I make fun of myself all the time. People just need to lighten up, have a laugh at themselves, and move on with their life.

That being said, if you do not like something you read, then that’s perfectly fine. I am not asking you to like me, or to like my blog. People who read it and get something from it, great! If not, I will not cry myself to sleep over it. My own piece of advice in this area is to not waste time and energy on something so trivial. You should probably find a different hobby if your only way to kill some time is sending hate mail and saying how much you dislike me. Or anyone else, for that matter.

To add to that, I am powerlifting foodie, with unlimited love for music, tattoos, piercings, whales, coffee, and…yeah, food. My favorite activities include (but are not limited to):

- Lifting heavy things for fun

- Eating

- Sleeping

- Photography

- Cooking

- Guitar playing

- Drinking coffee

- Reading intelligent things

- Cracking rude, obscene, and otherwise uncalled-for jokes at the right wrong moments

- Browsing food porn

- Yelling at inanimate objects


  • I lift for strength and power, and I eat to support my training and ungodly appetite.
  • I enjoy life, and sometimes I can’t contain that enjoyment and I just have to take it out on something.
  • I like to keep things real, and if I have something to say I’m just going to go ahead and say it.
  • I am epicurean to the core. I love good food, and after being slaved for many years to calorie counting and bad-tasting food just because it “fit into my calories”, I have thus broken free from that nonsense and embraced eating for the wonderful thing it is.
  • I hate when people take forever to decide something. You either do or you don’t. Can, or can’t.
  • I believe life is too short to not speak your mind.
  • I love watching mixed expressions on peoples’ faces when you do something completely out of the ordinary.
  • I hate soap operas.
  • I believe that people should learn how to say “no” more often.
  • I believe people should have an opinion on everything, and not be afraid to say it.
  • I believe most people are not adventurous enough in life.
  • I don’t believe a protein pancake is a good substitute for a real pancake.
  • I hate the word “blotch”.
  • I will own the Vatican City someday. Santa said so.

I do things because I can. I can because I want to, and I want to because you told me that I couldn’t.

Powerlifting for life!

Powerlifting for life!

I’m always open to meeting new people, hearing your comments, and getting your feedback on different things, so don’t be shy. Feel free to drop me a line and/or comment anytime!

P.S. The recipe section is currently under development, but I’m a lazy fuck. You may interpret that as you will.

Sincerely and unabashedly,

- ME :D

28 thoughts on “Who, What, and Why?

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  3. Metal, lifting weights and food? That’s just about my pillars of daily life as well :D
    Great progress pictures and nice recipes, by the way. I found your site via the MDA forum and I really like your sane, open-minded approach to traing & nutrition.
    What kinds of metal are you listening to? I’m a metal head by passion and by profession, as I’m writing critics for a big German online magazine.

    Keep up the great work!

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  5. Hey, I’ve been following your posts for a couple weeks, aaaaaannd…. I’m in love, so good job and I’ll be reading. (thumbs up)!!

  6. This is a range of interests and an attitude I can absolutely relate to, even if I’m twice your (apparent) age. Except for metal and piercings, but given my own enjoyment of skin-peelingly bad movies, I don’t judge.

  7. Hey you forgot to put METAL as one of your interests. I mean, you’ve already got the new Amon Amarth single up and it’s only been about a week or two since it’s been live. That’s dedication.

    Anyway. I dig the site. Cool design…something else you do? Well, good luck with your goals. Keep it heavy!

  8. I sort of stumbled upon your blog a while back and have been in love with it. I get a huge kick out of how straightforward you are. Keep up the good work! I will be reading on…. and on….

  9. Like your blog

    Your interests are perfect

    Mine are very similar,
    I train for explosive strength and power. I test them weekly on wrestling mat.
    Best of luck to all that you pursue in life.

  10. Hi Christine, I love your attitude towards training and food, and am moving in that direction myself. Enjoy your writing style too. I am at feministfiguregirl.com and I think you have been sending people my way. Thanks!

  11. WOW! finally a blog by a cool chick who: loves to eat, eats a lot, does IF, trains hard, lifts weights, looks great, uses my fave word FUCK, I could go on… I’ve been IF’ing for over a year haphazardly & Crossfitting for almost 5 years haphazardly. I read an article by Dr John Berardi which pointed to Mark B (LeanGains), which pointed me to your blog :) Cheers!

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